​​​Web-based medical image annotation tool. Main purpose of the tool is providing ground truth data for the Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms of ​​IBM Watson Medical Imaging Solutions.

The tool allows the clinicians to annotate 2D medical images with drawing, zooming, panning and filtering features.​ I have implemented all these image annotation features without using any existing libraries such as 'Fabric.js'. I have used HTML 5 Canvas component and standard JavaScript build-in functions.

My roles in the project are ​85% Front-End and 15% Back-End Software Engineering.​

Implementation Details: ​Java, RESTful Web Services, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5 Canvas, JQuery, WepSphere Liberty Application Server, JSON, Apache Subversion (SVN)

Year: ​20​16-Present​

(​Can not share name of the project or any screenshot due to copyright restrictions)​

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